February 4th .. World Cancer Day

Cancer is a broad title for a wide range of diseases that exceed 100 diseases, all of which involve abnormal cell growth, with the ability of these abnormal cells to invade nearby tissues and spread to other sites and organs in the body, and to damage their functions.

Despite the great achievements in the medical science, it may be difficult to determine the cause of cancer in a particular person, as there are many genetic and environmental factors may contribute to the disease.

Researchers and scientists have been able to identify risk factors that increase the risk of some types of cancer. For example, the use of tobacco is responsible for about 22% of cancer deaths, as well as obesity, low diet quality, poor exercise, alcohol consumption, and exposure to X-rays or radiation, which all are predisposing risk factors for cancer.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle based on a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grain products while avoiding processed or processed food products as much as possible, exercising regularly, and avoiding bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol, greatly reduce the risk Incidence of various types of cancer.

On the other hand, early detection of cancer can improve the chances of treatment and a full recovery from it. As for late detection, it may increase its complications and threaten its spread to other parts of the body, which further worsens the condition.

Breast cancer, colon, rectum, and lung are among the most common types around the world; international statistics indicate that more than 14 million new cancer cases are recorded each year, and more than 8 million people die annually beacuse cancer.

World Cancer Day

Suggested by the International Cancer Union (UICC), the United Nations adopted the Fourth of February, every year, a World Cancer Day. It aims to raise awareness of cancer and its risks, and encourage people to follow prevention, early detection and treatment guidelines, which help to reduce cancer cases and deaths.

For more information about different cancers, their diagnosis and treatment, please refer to King Abdullah Arabic Health Encyclopedia.

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